Exotic Animal What You Should Know Before Adopting a Rat

Rats are intelligent, social, and affectionate pets that can make a wonderful addition to your home....

Jul 18 • 2 min read
Companion Animal Does My Pet’s Lump Need Surgery?

You adore your furry friend, but when you notice a strange lump under their fur, anxiety sets in. Qu...

Jul 11 • 2 min read
Companion Animal 5 Signs Your Pet is Bored or Stressed

Our pets bring boundless joy into our lives, but just like us, they can experience boredom and stres...

Jul 4 • 2 min read
Companion Animal How a Vet Treats a Hot Spot

Hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis, are a common and painful skin condition in pets, particularly ...

Jun 27 • 3 min read
Exotic Animal Introducing a Parrot to Their New Home

Bringing a parrot into your home is an exciting experience. These vibrant, intelligent birds can bec...

Jun 20 • 3 min read
Exotic Animal Can Rabbits Use a Litterbox?

Rabbits are intelligent and trainable animals that can be taught to use a litterbox much like cats. ...

Jun 13 • 2 min read
Companion Animal Keeping Pets Cool During the Summer

As the temperatures rise during the summer months, it’s essential to take proactive measures t...

Jun 6 • 2 min read
Exotic Animal What Is a Broody Hen, and How Do You Care for One?

A broody hen is a term used to describe a female chicken that exhibits maternal behavior, such as si...

May 30 • 3 min read
Feline-only What You Should Know About Feline Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that primarily affects dog...

May 23 • 2 min read
Companion Animal 5 Great Pets for Families With Younger Kids

Introducing a pet into your family can be a rewarding experience, especially when you have younger c...

May 16 • 2 min read


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